Onroak Automotive

Onroak Automotive

Sports prototype constructor, Onroak Automotive, has become independent and is now a separate company. It relies on its design office, which benefits from the experience accumulated since 2009 and crowned with success in 2010 for the first time with the LM P2 manufacturers’ title in the Le Mans Series.

Onroak Automotive’s mission is to develop and sell a range of sports prototypes from CN to LM P1 under the Morgan and Ligier names.
At the same time as the OAK Racing team, the Onroak Automotive Morgan LM P2s have competed with success in several international series: the American Le Mans Series with Conquest Endurance, the Asian Le Mans Series with KCMG and the        European Le Mans Series with Morand Racing.

The Morgan LM P2

The Morgan 2012 LM P2 meets all 2012 ACO/FIA regulations. Particular emphasis has been placed on cost-control and safety, with shark fins added above the engine and louvres now present over the wheel arches. Aerodynamic performance has also been given strong focus in order to increase downforce and reduce drag, with extensive work taking place during a major windtunnel programme.
The evolution of the Morgan 2012 LM P2 is a collaboration between the team’s design office, which has extensive history in prototype development, and the experience of the racing team, which fielded cars in various endurance series and events.
Over the course of the season the 2011-spec LM P2 successfully covered more than 25,000 kms, allowing the team to amass vast quantities of data. The car finished every race it entered, achieving a podium as early as Sebring, runner-up spot in the ILMC classification and a second place finish at Petit Le Mans thanks to the United Autosports-entered #22 machine. The 2010 car also proved its efficiency with seven podiums from eight races, including an LM P2 class runner-up finish at the Le Mans 24 Hours and the Le Mans Series constructors’ title.
This prototype has been designed with private teams in mind and suits both professional and gentlemen drivers. Onroak Automotive oversees all technical support and assistance required at the circuit.

Since its creation, Onroak Automotive commercialized its prototypes over three continents:

Jacques Nicolet, OAK Racing team owner: « The Morgan LM P2 and the creation of Onroak Automotive are the results of our large-scale interest in the class, demonstrated as early as 2008 with the creation of the initial LM P2 using the LMP1 Pescarolo chassis. The 2012-spec car benefits from the experience we have acquired since, both as a constructor and a racing team. We believe we have achieved the best balance in terms of performance, integration of the new safety regulations and respect for the low-cost spirit requested by the ACO. Throughout 2012 the Morgan LM P2s secured excellent results and consistently proved its performance.»

The car is available and optimized for the following for the engines: Judd, Nissan et Honda.

Technical specifications

Chassis : PESCAROLO 01

Bodywork: carbon fibre
Suspension: double wishbones, pushrods and combined horizontal Ohlins spring dampers,
Wheels: OZ 18’’ rims
Brakes: Brembo calipers, Brembo disks and pads, 15’’ front and rear
Steering: KAYABA electrical power steering
Length: 4548 mm
Width: 2000 mm
Wheelbase: 2 800 mm
Base weight: 900 kg
Fuel tank: 75 litres
Gearbox: X-Trac 6-speed sequential, Megaline semi automated control on the steering wheel

Personalized services

Technical support: Onroak Automotive offrers a global technical support solution for independant teams racing one or several Morgan 2012 LM P2 s anywhere around the world (ELMS, ALMS, WEC).

Series and championships:

  • European Le Mans Series
  • American Le Mans Series
  • Asian Le Mans Series
  • FIA World Endurance Championship

Privileged acces to Le Vigeant circuit: use of the Le Vigeant (Val de Vienne) circuit near Poitiers, France, at a reduced rate for private testing throughout the season.

Download the Morgan 2012 LMP2 presentation (pdf)




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2011/12/19 – A new OAK-Pescarolo LMP2 has rolled off the line thanks to the extensive work undertaken by Onroak Automotive, OAK Racing’s constructor department.
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Program 2013

Asian Le Mans Series

2013.05.05 Zhuhai (China)
2013.05.26 Shanghai (China)
2013.07.07 Ordos (China)
2013.08.04 Inje (South of Korea)
2013.09.22 Fuji (Japan)
2013.12.08 Sentul (Indonesia)

European Le Mans Series

2013.04.13 Silverstone (England)
2013.05.18 Imola (Italia)
2013.07.20 Red Bull Ring (Austria)
2013.09.14 Hungaroring (Hongria)
2013.09.28 Paul Ricard (France)

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